Cookie and data policy

On our website we use cookies for statistics to enhance the experience of our website.

A cookie is a small data file that websites save on the visitors computer. The content of this data file is sent back and forth between the browser and the website. Cookies make it possible to "recognize" the visitors. For example, it can be used for:

A cookie is not an application and can not spread computer viruses. When cookies are used to recognize visitors, each user gets a cookie with a unique number.

On our website cookies from the following companies are used for the stated purposes.


Google Inc.

Cookies from Google are used for statistics on the website so we can keep track of which pages our visitors are using and how the website is used. That way we can continuously improve the experience on the website. The registration is anonymous, but we can See what geographic area (city) visitors are from.

We have enabled anonymization of IP addresses insite Google Analytics so that the full IP address is not stored.


Youtube, LLC

We use videos from Youtube on the website. In this connection, cookies are used as information about which videos you have been watching.

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