Zeolite Concentrator

Zeolit_tegningA zeolite concentrator is the ideal solution when it comes to purification of large volumes of air with a low concentration of solvents.

The concentrator consists of a rotating zeolite wheel, in which the pollutants are first adsorbed and then subsequently released (desorbed) in a smaller volume of air with a higher concentration.

The concentration can go as high as 1:25, depending on the substances that need to be concentrated.

The air intake of the concentrator unit is provided with a pre-filter which prevents the zeolite wheel from being clogged with dust.

Solvents are extracted from the concentrator exhaust air which can be discharged directly to the ambient environment.

The desorption air from the zeolite wheel is subsequently processed in a Catalytic Oxidizer or in a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer.

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