Scrubber.jpgGas scrubbers and chemical scrubbers which can be used for cleaning process air containing organic or inorganic compounds. The process air passes through the system in a counterflow system with a circulating liquid. Undesired compounds are transferred to the liquid phase through an absorption process allowing the air to be discharged to the ambient environment.

Reecon can supply simple scrubbers using water as absorption fluid for removal of water soluble compounds. For more complex jobs we use chemical scrubbers in which acid or base is added to the scrubbing liquid. The optimal pH value is achieved through a pH loop controller and dosing devices for addition of chemicals.

Gas scrubbers come as single-stage or multi-stage nozzle scrubbers or packed tower scrubbers adapted to suit the process.

Reecon customises the units according to individual requirements so as to ensure optimum physical dimensions and addition of chemicals, if any, whilst looking to ensure high performance and cost-efficiency.

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