Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

Regenerativt-forb.jpgRegenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) can be used for purification of exhaust air containing volatile organic compounds or odour substances. The process gas is  oxidised at 800-1000° C, and the pollutants are transformed into water vapour and carbon dioxide.

The system consists of a combustion chamber and a number of heat recovery chambers provided with ceramic elements. Depending on air volume and required purification efficiency, a Reecon RTO comes with 2, 3 or 5 chambers.
All RTOs are customised to fulfil specific needs in order to achieve maximum performance and the lowest possible operating costs.

The purification efficiency is normally in excess of 99% but can be adapted to suit specific requirements.
The internal heat recovery is higher than 95% which means that the system can be in autonomous operation at a very low concentration of solvents. This means that the oxidation process can run without a supply of external fuel.

For high concentrations it is possible to establish a secondary heat recovery process, which turns likely pollution into energy. For low concentrations of solvents, the operation cost can be minimized by including a concentrator.

With its rugged design, a Reecon RTO is designed for high reliability and long life.

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