Catalytic Oxidizers

Katalytisk_forb.jpgCatalytic oxidizers are used to clean exhaust air containing specific organic gaseous compounds. The hazardous elements are oxidised to form water vapour and carbon dioxide by means of a catalyst. The catalyst ensures that oxidation takes place at a relatively low temperature, depending on the actual composition of the hazardous compounds.

Certain substances are, however, toxic to the catalyst, which may suffer very rapid disintegration as a result of the presence of these substances. Special attention should be paid to heavy metals and compounds containing silicon, sulphur and phosphorus.


The unit consists of a recuperative heat exchanger, a preheater and a catalyst bed forming an integral component within a steel frame. Thanks to the heat exchanger and the low operating temperature, the plant features minimum energy requirements that, if required, can be covered by an electric heating element or a gas burner.

Reecon has the required know-how and experience to ensure that each system is tailored to meet individual customer needs in order to achieve the optimum solution from a technical and a financial perspective.

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